REGULATIONS 2019-11-06T09:20:39

Playing any loud music in public areas is prohibited as it disturbs the surroundings and other guests in the resort and the management have the right to stop the music beyond a certain level.

-> Outside purchased liquor/food is not allowed in any public areas.

-> Guests in the swimming pool should be with a proper swimming costume, Resort has the right to stop guest to enter the pool without he/she wearing proper swimming costumes.

-> As a matter of policy we don’t allow guests to drink or eat inside the pool.

-> Chewing and spitting gutka/tobacco is strictly prohibited in the resort.

-> To maintain the serenity of the place, we strictly don’t allow firecrackers inside or near the premises as they disturb the surroundings and the vibration of the place.

->Also we are situated in a village surrounded by agriculture farms so there are chances of crops catching fire.